Dual Display

PROTON PLUS comes with a dual display to keep track of each parameters efficiently.

Large display

Large screen size is always beneficial when you need to keep track of multiple parameters while several operations

Curves: Airway Pressure Vs Time


Flow Rate V/s Time


Loops: Airway Pressure Vs Flow Rate


Pressure, Flow Rate V/s Tidal Volume


Easy and Quick setting Keyboard

It comes with a user-friendly keyboard which makes setting very accessible and easy.

Long Life Flow Sensor and FiO Sensor 2

It comes with a long life flow sensor and FiO sensor 2 to ensure the proper care.

Consumes least number of parts per patient.

PROTON PLUS is built to last and statistically it consumes least number of parts per patient during its operations.

Designed and built to operate in harsh environment.

Considering the fact that we live in a tough country, so we have designed PROTON PLUS to operate even in harsh environments.

Low Operational Cost per Patient.

PROTON PLUS Ventilators cost very low per patient due to low maintenance and the product's long life.

Built to Last Long.

PROTON PLUS is built to last for very long due to its indigenous design and robust features.