Fully Electrically Driven

Electrical controlled and electrical driven ventilator which is designed to administer long term ventilation for patients in hospital or at home.

Oxygen is not required

They are electrically driven and do not require compressed air or oxygen, ensuring zero wastage of gas. 

Can be used with a wide variety of Anesthesia Circuits

RESPIMAX PLUS can be used with wide variety of anesthesia circuits based on patient's specific condition.

Inbuilt FiO2 Monitoring


Long Life FiO2 Senior


Colour TFT LCD Display

RESPIMAX PLUS Ventilators comes with a Color TFT LCD display to keep track of each parameters efficiently.

Monitored Parameters on LCD

Monitoring on screen is always beneficial when you need to keep track of multiple parameters while several operations.

Alarms for Critical Situations

RESPIMAX PLUS comes with the alarm feature that informs about the critical 

Ease of setting (User friendly Operations)

RESPIMAX PLUS Ventilator comes with a standard installation procedure with extremely user-friendly operations.

Visible Bellow

RESPIMAX PLUS has a visible bellow box design.

Minimum Input, Output Connections

RESPIMAX PLUS has a minimum input and output connections that ensures easy operations.

Very Low cost of ownership

RESPIMAX PLUS Ventilators are generally very light on your pockets due to low maintenance and the product's long life.

Tropicalized design

It is made to suit Indian tropic environment which hot, humid, extreme, and tough.

Compact & Lightweight

RESPIMAX PLUS Ventilators are compact & lightweight to make it easy for transport and moving with patients.